Quick Answer: Is RevWood Waterproof?

How do you clean RevWood?

Wax, polish, oils, soaps, detergents, shine enhancers, or varnish shouldn’t be used on RevWood.

Applying cleaner directly to the surface of the RevWood can cause staining—lightly spray it on a cleaning cloth or damp mop instead.

Avoid cleaning machines like spray mops, steam cleaners or mops, or power cleaners..

What’s the best laminate flooring brand?

BEST OVERALL: Pergo TimberCraft + WetProtect Laminate Flooring.RUNNER UP: Mannington Restoration Collection.BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: TrafficMaster Lakeshore Pecan Stone.BEST FOR KITCHENS: Mohawk RevWood Plus Flooring.BEST FOR LIVING ROOMS: Shaw Repel Water Resistant Laminate.BEST FOR BEDROOMS: Mohawk RevWood Flooring.More items…

Does Home Depot laminate flooring have Formaldehyde?

According to Home Depot, “Laminate flooring at The Home Depot is verified by either GREENGUARD® Gold or FloorScore® certification to contain 0.0073 ppm or less of formaldehyde, which is a stricter standard than CARB 2 of 0.05 ppm.”

Is Pergo made by Mohawk?

Mohawk acquired Pergo in 2013. Mohawk borrowed Pergo’s fantastic design, and its used on both brands now.

Is Mohawk flooring made in USA?

Because Mohawk laminate flooring is Made In USA and is NALFA certified, it complies with formaldehyde emissions regulations for laminate flooring core board set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and is comprised of recycled content that may contribute points to the Leadership in Energy and …

Who bought Pergo?

Mohawk Industries, Inc.Completes Purchase Of Pergo. Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Is Mohawk laminate waterproof?

Mohawk waterproof laminate is a beautiful flooring option that has the look of a hardwood floor, but with all the waterproof and durability properties of laminate. Mohawk calls their waterproof laminate Revolutionary Wood or RevWood for short. Mohawk’s waterproof laminate also comes in the premium RevWood Plus.

Is RevWood a laminate?

Revolutionary wood flooring built to withstand real life, Mohawk’s RevWood products combine the beauty of hardwood with the toughness of laminate.

Can you clean laminate floors with hydrogen peroxide?

Peroxide breaks down proteins, so it’s wonderful for getting blood stains out of clothes. Just be careful because it is also capable of removing color from fabric. Clean your laminate or linoleum floors with a 50/50 peroxide/water mixture for floors so clean you could eat off of them!

How thick is Mohawk RevWood?

12mmView all colors in this collectionCountry of OriginUSAThickness12mmPlank Width7 1/2-INCHPlank Length54 11/32-INCHPlank VisualSingle Full Plank15 more rows

How do you clean Mohawk laminate?

For damp maintenance: Apply Mohawk cleaning products (or plain water) lightly to a dry, soft cloth (never directly to the floor), wipe over floor. (Never use other cleaning products or detergents!) Only use a WELL WRUNG OUT CLOTH. ALWAYS WIPE DRY IMMEDIATELY AFTER until no moisture is visible on the floor.

Is laminate flooring waterproof?

Unlike vinyl, laminate flooring is water resistant from top to bottom, not bottom to top. This means that if you get water or a spill on your floor, waterproof or water-resistant floor systems will not allow liquids to seep through the interlocks, stopping the potential for mold or mildew to grow beneath your flooring.

How much is Mohawk vinyl plank flooring?

The average price is around $3 per square foot, making it affordable for most renovation projects. You can install SolidTech as a floating floor using Mohawk’s Uniclic design.

Is RevWood plus real wood?

Put simply, it’s an eco-friendly product that combines the beauty of real wood with the durability of laminate flooring. Let’s break down the benefits: Waterproof installation means that, unlike 100% real hardwood, RevWood Plus can stand up to spills and humidity without buckling, warping, or being damaged in any way.

Is Mohawk laminate flooring good?

If having a large selection to choose from is important, Mohawk is a great choice. The diverse range of 100+ styles and colors might even overwhelm you if you have a hard time deciding. Your options range from low-cost, cheap laminate to premium flooring that should look good for 15+ years.

Is Mohawk RevWood real wood?

Is Mohawk’s RevWood Real Wood? Yes and no. Just like engineered wood flooring, RevWood features a real wood core (made of fast-growing southern pine). And like laminate, it features a high-quality image layer and super-durable wear layer.

How do I clean my RevWood plus?

Instead, lightly spray it on a cleaning cloth or damp mop. Also avoid cleaning machines like spray mops, steam cleaners or mops, or power cleaners. While RevWood Plus can be wet-mopped, when it comes to RevWood, always avoid mopping with water and dry up any water spills immediately.

Does Mohawk laminate flooring need underlayment?

Always use underlayment. We recommend using Mohawk Flooring® underlayment. … If the underlayment is pre-mounted on the panels, then only use the damp-proof moisture barrier with adhesive tape as provided. For Concrete, let the moisture barrier run up the wall a bit before cutting to size.

What is RevWood flooring?

A revolutionary engineered flooring product that combines the look and feel of authentic wood with the tenacity of laminate. … In essence, RevWood is billed as a revolutionary wood flooring (hence the “Rev” in “RevWood”) that’s built to withstand the rigors of today’s active households.

Does Mohawk laminate flooring have Formaldehyde?

Plus all Mohawk laminate and engineered hardwood floors are CARB – Phase 2 Certified. … It does not stop here, Mohawk products are also Floorscore Certified and NALFA certified! See all of our Mohawk Laminate Floors!