Question: How Much Can You Trim Off Venetian Blinds?

How much can you cut off blinds?

Unlike the cuts to the headrail, always cut 1/2 of the measurement off of each end of the blinds, no matter how small the cut is.

This is to ensure that the strings that control the blinds are still evenly spaced from each side when the cuts are completed..

What is the difference between Venetian blinds and wooden blinds?

The biggest difference between the two is in the thickness of the slats and the weight. Aluminium slats are normally less than a millimetre in thickness and weigh very little, whereas wooden Venetian slats average approximately 2.5mm in thickness, thus creating more weight.

How do you cut coolaroo roller shades too wide?

To reduce the width of your roller blind follow these guidelines: Do not cut the blind until you have made this allowance. 3) Using a junior hacksaw cut the aluminium roller tube to that size. Then trim the fabric to the size of the tube using a sharp pair of scissors or a cutting knife.

Do dunelm cut blinds?

All Dunelm aluminium and wood venetian blinds and vertical blinds can be cut to size and reduced in drop.

Are Venetian blinds easy to fit?

If you have standard-size window frames, you’ll probably be able to find Venetian blinds that fit exactly. … If not, it’s easy to fit the blinds to size. Choose blinds that are slightly longer and wider than the inside dimensions of the window frame.

Can you cut a blind to size?

Cutting a roller blind is fairly simple as long as you make the correct measurements. By laying the blind flat and marking out your desired measurements you will be able to ensure your blind is cut to fit your window. When it comes to cutting the blind, you should use sharp scissors for a clean finish.

Can you cut blinds to fit a window?

Wood blinds or faux wood blinds can be cut down a few inches if they are too large to fit the window frame. … If you do not feel comfortable cutting the window blinds yourself, you might consider hiring a professional such as a blind manufacturer or a cut down service such as

Can you cut the width of Venetian blinds?

Once you have got a blind of suitable size, you can plan the job of cutting it down. … The slats from wood venetian blinds can be cut individually with a hand panel or jigsaw but for the best results all the slats should be cut together with a powered chop saw or bench saw.

Can you cut blinds that are too long?

Horizontal blinds that are too long look bad, but also create a serious safety hazard for young children. Fortunately, shortening them is easy—all you need are scissors and a screwdriver.

How do you cut blinds that are too wide?

Cutting down the slatsAlign the slats so that they are even.Using a clamp or rubber bands, secure the slats together into position.Wrap the slats with masking tape to prevent chipping.Measure where you want to cut and mark a line with your pencil. … Lay them on the saw and line up the blade where you need to cut.More items…

Do blinds have to fit exactly?

You’re right in thinking that your blinds need to be slightly smaller than the window. … Just give us the exact size of the window opening and we’ll make blinds that fit perfectly. Note: When you measure for outside mount window coverings, the process is different. Learn more about outside mounts.

Can you shorten Venetian blinds?

Shortening Venetian Blinds is pretty simple and it can be done on your own at home. By opting for made to measure blinds, you’ll eliminate the need to make alterations. However, ready-made blinds are usually a cheaper alternative.

What size venetian blinds do I need?

Measure a few different points of the recess – the best places would be either the end and in the middle. The smallest measurement is the one you should use (do this for both width and length). If you’re measuring for roller or venetian blinds, reduce width by 1cm, and for vertical blinds, reduce length by 1cm.

Can you cut day and night blinds to size?

Can a Day & Night Blinds be cut to size? A Day & Night blind can be cut to size, much like a roller blind, however, it is a difficult process to ensure that each layer of material is cut exactly the same, the roller mechanism is cut to the right size and you aren’t left with any fraying or jagged edges.